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The Addict

  • Don’t Fight Alone. Bring Your Loved One In The Ring With You!

    Jason Andrada loves his puppy Jason Andrada loves his puppy


    We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we do not see any other Muay Thai company doing this.  Yes, you heard it.  Take your fighting or training to the next level and bring a loved one in the ring with you.  Just look at these new custom Jason “Ridiculous” Andrada Muay Thai shorts with a photo of his dog.

    Introducing a state of the art sublimation process that allows you to take just about any photograph and put it on your own custom Muay Thai and Kickboxing shorts.  Want a photo of your mom, kid, pet, or car?  We can do it.  Any color, writing, logo, and we can make it happen.  The best part is that the colors and designs will never fade!

    Muay Thai Addict is taking custom Muay Thai and Kickboxing shorts to the next level and into the future. 

    We know you are exhausted from going online and scrolling through pages of websites trying to find a pair of Muay Thai shorts that you think are just ok, and you settle.  STOP SETTLING and get the exact pair of shorts that you want and dreamed of!

    Unlimited MMA and Muaym Thai loves their new sublimated gym shorts Unlimited MMA and Muaym Thai loves their new sublimated gym shorts


    We have heard from countless fighters, trainers, and Muay Thai Addicts that when they look good, they feel like they fight better.  We like to call it Fighting in Fashion. 

    Custom Sublimated shorts with Sash Custom Sublimated shorts with Sash


    Speaking of Fighting in Fashion, check out the intricate design and sash on these custom shorts.  If you’re not into putting someone’s photo on your shorts, give us a crazy design pattern that you like and we can make it as well.  We have made thousands of custom shorts for individuals, top fighters, prominent gyms, and we can make a pair for you as well.

    We specialize and have very competitive pricing for larger gym orders and our products are guaranteed.  We know you love the mother land, Thailand, but how many horror stories have you heard where an order came out wrong, or someone’s money was taken and they never even got their shorts.  We are a US based company that has fixed that problem.  We have excellent customer service and sell only high quality products. 


    Our new beige Platinum Series shorts have small  Muay Thai Addict logos all over Our new beige Platinum Series shorts have small Muay Thai Addict logos all over


    It’s time to get on board with the next generation of Muay Thai and Kickboxing shorts!

    For inquiries please email or visit our website at

    Please remember to tag us and use #muaythaiaddict on all of your social media pages, because we will post your photo wearing our gear up on our site.

    To see the latest in designs you can check out our website’s Photo section at  as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • KICKoff To 2015

    It is already the middle of February and we are looking back at 2014 and wondering where did the time go? It seemed like it was not that long ago that we were sitting down, planning our agenda and our future for the year. The amount of growth we experienced in one year was unexpected but not surprising.

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  • Muay Thai Addict Sponsors Jason Andrada at Lion Fight 13

    This Friday, February 7, 2014 Lion Fight Promotions will be hosting its 13th professional Muay Thai event in Las Vegas.  If you are a fan of stand up, you really want to watch these fights.  On live television and for free, you get to watch some of the best Muay Thai fighters from the United States, Canada, and Thailand go at it.

    We are proud to be one of the sponsors of professional Muay Thai fighter Jason Andrada, who has an undefeated record (4-0), 3 by knockout.  Jason has been such a huge supporter of our company and our cause of growing Muay Thai here in North America.

    Jason, an elite and highly skilled Muay Thai fighter, has been nothing but respectful and  professional to work with.  We could not ask for a better person to support and represent our brand.

    For his upcoming fight, Muay Thai Addict teamed up with Jason months ago to plan and design a new style of custom shorts.  We don’t want to ruin the surprise but they are amazing and we think you will agree as well.  In the photo above, is a custom short design and his signature Ridiculous Nation patches that we previously made for his gym.

    Make sure you tune in to channel and watch his fight as well as the 5 other bouts scheduled for that evening.

    Good luck to you Jason!

    For more information on this event, visit Lion Fight Promotion’s website

    Lion Fight 13 card

  • Muay Thai Addict Teams up with Miranda Cayabyab and Jason Andrada for Lion Fight 12

    Tonight Lion Fight Promotions is putting on their 12th Muay Thai event in Las Vegas and can be seen on We are really excited that Muay Thai is popping up all over television lately and gaining popularity here in the US. We are also excited that are working with two of the fighters on tonight’s card.

    Miranda “Killa” Cayabyab will be making her professional Muay Thai debut against Kaiyana Rain. We have been a big fan of Miranda’s for a while now, after finding a photo of her wearing our shorts on an amateur Lion Fight event in 2012. We developed a great relationship with her and were honored to be asked to make her custom fight shorts for her fight tonight.

    Custom fight shorts for Miranda "Killa" Cayabyab

    Custom fight shorts for Miranda "Killa" Cayabyab

    Miranda is expected to be wearing the red shorts with the yellow “Killa” logo and sun on the legs. The shorts we made for her are a high quality satin blend with gold trim around the legs and the Muay Thai Addict logo on the waistband.

    Muay Thai Addict is one of Jason Andrada's sponsors for Lion fight 12

    Muay Thai Addict is one of Jason Andrada's sponsors for Lion fight 12

    Another friend of ours who will be fighting tonight is no stranger to the Lion Fight events. Professional fighter Jason Andrada of California, will be taking on Mohammed Lemjerdine. We feel privileged to be one of his sponsors for his fight and honored that he asked us to make an order of custom Mauy Thai shorts for his gym. We will post photos of the shorts when they are finished in the next couple of weeks.

    Best of luck to Miranda and Jason and we look forward to supporting you both!

  • Custom Muay Thai Gyms Shorts for Unlimited MMA

    Unlimited MMA's new Muay Thai shorts

    Unlimited MMA's new Muay Thai shorts

    We just completed another order for custom Muay Thai gym shorts.  Our latest customer that we were privileged to work with is Unlimited MMA, a gym out of Milpitas California and run by head trainer Rudi Ott.

    Rudi heard about Muay Thai Addict from one of his fighters, Miranda Cayabyab, who has been a very loyal customer of ours. When he first contacted me I had no idea who he was (a former world champion fighter), nor did I realize his gym houses many professional fighters. Days later I did some research and realized he and his gym are the real deal with active fighters involved in some of the top Muay Thai events in the United States.

    Rudi had a specific design and asked if we could make the shorts for his gym. We said hell yes! As you can see, the Unlimited Muay Thai shorts are made of high quality black satin material. Across the front is detailed embroidery of the Unlimited logo and two embroidered bullseyes on the sides. We have the waistbands of our shorts modified so they are a little looser than the average Thai short that can be really tight sometimes. A drawstring is inside, if you like the tight feel.

    If your gym needs their own totally custom Muay Thai shorts, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to make them for you.

  • Muay Thai Addict Sponsors Two Fighters at Lion Fight 11

    Well the day has finally arrived.  Tonight is one of the largest Muay Thai events in the US to date, Lion Fight 11.  Every fight that Lion Fight Promotions puts on seems to draw bigger audiences and more world class fighters.

    What makes this fight even more special is that 2 of the professional fighters who are on tonight’s card reached out to Muay Thai Addict and asked us to sponsor them and to make their custom Muay Thai shorts for their fight.

    Moe Travis Fight Skirt for Lion Fight 11 pre debut

    Moe Travis Fight Skirt for Lion Fight 11 pre debut

    Making her professional Muay Thai debut out of Knuckle Up Fitness in Atlanta, is Moe “The Giant” Travis.  Moe will be wearing a completely custom Muay Thai skirt that she asked us to make for her.  If you have never seen Moe, don’t let the fact that she’s only 4’11 and 108 pounds fool you.  She is a world champion amateur Muay Thai fighter who has racked up an impressive 14-0 record.

    We first noticed Moe at the 2011 IKF World Classic.  Without knowing a thing about her, we predicted she would win the tournament, and she did.  We just had to learn more about her and hunted her down for an interview.  Since then, Moe has been one of our biggest supporters and we have supported her, not only as a fighter but as a friend as well.  We just love how she is so down to earth, a hard worker, and really cares about helping others learn martial arts and get in shape.  As a matter of fact, before she trained and taught martial arts, at one point in time she weighed 180 pounds after having her daughter.  She was sick of carrying the extra weight and did something about it.  Her self discipline and persistence of where she was back then and where she is now speak for itself.

    Moe "The Giant" Travis

    Moe "The Giant" Travis

    The Muay Thai skirt that Moe asked us to design is made out of high quality satin blend materials.  It is black and pink with silver lining on the panels and stars on each side.  The front of the shorts have Moe’s signature “The Giant” logo.

    Jose "El Matador" Palacios custom blue shorts

    Jose "El Matador" Palacios custom blue shorts

    And from the west coast, we are looking forward to watching  Jose “El Matador” Palacios, fighting out of Unlimited MMA in California.  Jose is no stranger to professional Muay Thai, currently holding a 5 – 2 record.  It has been such a pleasure working with the the Unlimited MMA team and especially the head trainer Rudi Ott.  Rudi is a former world champion fighter himself and now focuses on producing some of the best fighters in the business. He has been such a great person to work with and we appreciate the opportunity to be involved with his gym and fighters.

    Jose "El Matador" Palacios red Muay Thai shorts

    Jose "El Matador" Palacios red Muay Thai shorts

    We are not sure which of the two custom shorts Jose will be wearing but we made them in red and blue.  The front has his signature logo, a bull and matador, and on the sides are the logo for Unlimited MMA.

    If you cannot attend the fight in Vegas, make sure to watch it live on

    Good luck to everyone who is fighting tonight, especially Moe and Jose.  We know your dreams are coming true at this event and we are happy to be a small part.

  • Canadian Muay Thai Shorts Available at Muay Thai Addict

    Custom designed Canada shorts

    Custom designed Canada shorts

    We are excited to announce the first of many new custom “country” Muay Thai short designs we will be doing in the future.  After attending a few major Muay Thai tournaments, we had a lot of Canadian fighters telling us that the selection of Canadian Muay Thai shorts that was available was horrible.  When we got back home we did some online searching and sure enough, we found very few Canadian Muay Thai shorts.  And the designs we did find were pretty generic.

    These shorts have the Canadian maple leaf on one leg and the word Canada on the other.  Our signature Muay Thai Addict logo is at the center front waist and the words “Muay Thai” are written across the front in red writing.

    Just like all of the shorts we make, these new custom shorts are made of high quality materials and meant for hardcore training.  We also pride ourselves in making our shorts with nice comfortable fitting waistbands instead of the tight constricting waist bands common in most other brand of shorts.

    This is a truly custom design and one you will not find any where.  Be the first in your gym to represent your country!

  • New Muay Thai Shorts on Sale this Week

    Blue with black and white stripe shorts

    Blue with black and white stripe shorts

    Just in this past week are these two styles of Muay Thai Addict shorts to add to our collection.  So far they have been a big hit.

    The are made of high quality satin/polyester blend materials and are very comfortable, especially in the waist.  We find that alot of our customers  in the US and Canada prefer a waist band that is a little more flexible than some of the Thai made brands that can be very restricting.

    For this week only (through Sunday  April 14) they will be on sale for only $35.00.  Get a pair or two before they go back to full price or we run out of your size because we are always chenging styles.

    Muay Thai Addict yellow with silver

  • US Based Muay Thai Addict Had Huge Success at Two Recent Tournaments

    In the past four weeks we travelled to Iowa to attend the 2013 TBA Muay Thai Classic and then to Orlando to set up shop at the 2013 IKF World Classic tournament.  Arguably, the two biggest amateur Muay Thai tournaments in the country.  They were very long days we put in but in our two years of doing this, they were some of the most fun and successful days we have had so far!

    The first day I was setting up my booth at the TBA tournament, which by the way hosted over 659 fighters from around the world, people were curious as to who Muay Thai Addict was.  Some of them were repeat customers and fans of ours, but most had never heard of us.  I worked until 8pm that evening with non stop sales and over the following days, realized we were running out of products to sell.  Things were so good that the last day of the tournament I had the opportunity to relax and watch some championship bouts before heading home.

    Weeks later we geared up for the IKF tournament with the remaining products that we had left and had another weekend of record sales.

    The success of both events not only brought national attention to our company, but we made friends with a ton of Muay Thai fighters, trainers, and people who, just like us, are truly passionate about the sport of Muay Thai.  Also thanks to Anthony Salcedo of Namman Muay, Pam and Peter of TBA, Steven Fossom of IKF, all of the people from Revolution Dojo in Houston and many more.

    So what does the future hold?  Currently, we are in the process of replenishing a lot of the Muay Thai shorts that we sold at both tournaments so if you don’t see something in your size, hold tight.  We are also taking things to the next level by adding more new styles of shorts, t shirts, basketball jerseys, and hand wraps.  Samples are coming in as we write this and we are looking to be back up and running by the end of August.

    We are getting more orders from gyms around the country asking us to make a custom short for their gym.  We are also making some custom shorts and going to be sponsoring some up and coming fighters who are making their pro Muay Thai debut, we’ll announce names later.

    As we make room for new products and designs, many of last season’s items are on sale so check our website out and get yourself a great deal before its gone.

    We have also noticed triple the amount of followers on our Facebook page “Muay Thai Addict” and Twitter @MuayThaiAddict.  If you are not following us, than you need to because that is where we post the latest in news, sales and products.

    We just want to thank everyone for the support, purchases, loyalty, and for helping us not only grow our company, but helping grow the sport of Muay Thai.

    Facebook link:

  • More Custom Gym Shorts From Muay Thai Addict

    We are starting to get more orders from gyms around the US (and hoping to get some Canadian gyms soon) hiring us to make a custom gym short.  Team Mick Doyle is one of our latest customers who hired us to make a better design of their fight shorts.

    Notice the difference in the shorts they were originally using, which were made of a thinner material that was not as good quality.

    Original Team Doyle shorts made of thinner material

    Original Team Doyle shorts made of thinner material

    We used high quality satin to make his shorts, with a better waist band and slits on the sides of each leg.  We also added the custom embroidered “Team Doyle” patch on the other side of the leg, along with the gym’s website.  This photo does not accurately reflect how detailed the patch is nor how large it is, which was about 5 inches high!

    Muay Thai Addict made shorts with much higher quality materials

    Muay Thai Addict made shorts with much higher quality materials

    We were able to get the shorts made and shipped to Team Doyle’s gym in about 2 weeks, just in time for all of their 16 fighters to compete in the 2013 TBA Muay Thai Classic tournament.

    Custom embroidered patch, very detailed

    Custom embroidered patch, very detailed

    If your gym is looking for its own totally custom designed shorts, want shorts for your fight team, or just not interested in taking the chance and ordering shorts from a foreign company that you do not know a lot about, than contact us and we can do it.



    Call: 1-888-MTA-1-MTA1-888-MTA-1-MTA FREE or email:

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