Oh do I look forward to seeing that little yellow bottle of Namman Muay every time I get ready to train. For years I had no idea what it was, until I met Namman Muay’s North American distributor, Anthony Salcedo.

I met him at one of the bigger Muay Thai/Kickboxing tournaments and it was quite apparent that he had a large following of people who used his product.

From then on I began using Namman Muay and believed in it so much that I started selling it on our Muay Thai Addict website.

I’m 37 years old, which in this sport can sometimes be considered a dinosaur. Although I am in pretty good shape, often my body feels as old as one. I spend alot of my time during the day sitting, which is not great on the body, especially the back and the neck. At night, however, I am always in the gym training Muay Thai and I have really found that Namman Muay Thai liniment helps to loosen up the stiffness and initial aching of my neck and back both before and after training and workouts.

Some of the details behind Namman Muay:
– ONLY made in Thailand, by the same family who first bottled the formula and it has been handed down through generations.
– Used as a Pre-activity or pre-competition application to loosen, warm, and prepare the body for strenuous activity.
- Used Pre-Workout and pre-Competition
- All Natural Active Ingredients from Asian Regional Botanicals
- Good for any activity, not just Muay Thai, although TIME-TESTED by the extreme Muay Thai athletes who use it daily
- Designed to penetrate the skin quickly without leaving a sticky or oily film as other products

If your muscles and joints feel stiff, if you are suffering from aches and pains, or if you are just looking for an all natural ingredient to help try and prevent injuries, try Namman Muay out. I really think you will love it.